Wednesday WIP: Snapshots

This Wednesday’s WIP post features a work that focuses on coping with mental health in the face of adversity.

Check out “Snapshots” by Lianna.

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Wednesday WIP: Dreamer’s Land

This Wednesday, I’m honored and excited to feature another Open Novella Contest contestant!

Take a look at Dreamer’s Land by K. Warr.


Samantha Lockheart has stumbled upon a prized family heirloom which now gives her the ability to view the past and the future. After being flung into what seems to be a fantasy land she’s now convinced she’s either going mad, hearing ghosts or both. The more her questions get answered is the more new ones begin to form.

With nothing but confusion rolling around her mind about how this is possible she sets off to find herself in a world full of dreams and not so mythical creatures. The question of who to trust turns out to be a persistent one.

Join Samantha on her journey to uncover the truth about her existence.

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K. Warr is a 21 year-old Jamaican girl currently studying Computer Science and about to begin her final year. Though she is studying Computer Science, she has loved Literature since 3rd form (grade 9). She is an aspiring writer who enjoys writes YA action filled pieces which dabbles in various genres such as romance, fantasy and thriller. When she gets into a book, it’s quite hard to get her to set it down. Her active imagination has quite a field day with whatever she immerses herself in.

Find more of her work here!